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Canadian alternative mortgages

Why alternative lenders keep growing

One of the prevailing themes on this blog has been documenting the growth of the alternative mortgage market. There are various reasons for this growth. Traditionally, the strict lending practices of the big banks have been a contributing factor. In addition, federal regulators have the...

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canadian housing strength

Yes, there’s good news in the housing market

There has been no shortage of naysaying within Canada’s housing market, for good reason. Various government bodies have taken measures specifically designed to prevent a so-called bubble, and the results speak for themselves. Many recent housing numbers show a slowdown. But the question...

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Digital mortgage technology

Are mortgages finally going digital?

There was a time when just about all banking was synonymous with inconvenience. Had a cheque that needed to be cashed after work? Too bad. Bank was closed. Short on cash and needed to make a withdrawal? Too bad. Bank was closed.
We’ve come a long way since then, haven’t we. In fact...

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canadian regulated versus unregulated mortgage lending

New mortgage regulations, same story

Guidelines recently imposed by Canada’s federal financial regulator serve as a perfect example of the state of Canada’s mortgage sector, and why the alternative markets, such as mortgage investment corporations (MICs), often fill the void when over-regulation occurs in the...

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mortgage investment corporation diagram

MICs: A tax-favourable entry into real-estate investing

Various types of investments are qualified for Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs), including guaranteed investment certificates (GICs), bonds, savings accounts and more. Although RRSPS are often associated with these generally safe long-term asset classes, the investment market...

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Canada housing bubble measures

Canada’s “housing bubble” debate rages on

I suppose it wouldn’t be a normal week in Canada if there wasn’t some sort of debate surrounding the so-called housing bubble that was supposed to have “burst” many years ago. However, if you take away some of the noise, and the politics, there are some truths about our...

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Canadian personal debt

Canada’s responsible mortgage borrowing

One of the ongoing public narratives about the Canadian economy is that Canadians are forever exposing themselves to the increased risk of personal debt. However, such a narrative doesn’t tell the whole story, in part because there are many forms of debt, as well as many different ways...

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Mortgage market growth

Mortgages are still viable options

Canada’s real-estate and mortgage sectors have been booming now for years. One reason for this has been the relatively low interest rates offered by Canada’s central bank and, as an extension, the large chartered banks, as well as other lenders.
However, there is some reason to...

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canadian housing bubble

Canada’s market is still strong

In Canada’s real-estate and mortgage markets, there continues to be a lot of talk about a “bubble” that’s ready to burst at any moment now. The problem, however, is that this speculation about a bubble has been around for the better part of a decade now, and these warnings have...

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