ASCEND Mortgage Lending

The practice of asset-based lending with clear policies and efficient turnarounds. ASCEND MIC works closely with brokers and underwrites uniquely-designed mortgage products.

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ASCEND Mortgage Administration

The process of servicing and maintaining outstanding mortgages. ASCEND MIC provides the expertise of a mortgage administration and servicing company.

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ASCEND Mortgage Securitization

The business of fundraising for finance in which ASCEND MIC formulates and conducts its various fundraising efforts to deliver remarkable risk-adjusted returns to its investors.
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ASCEND Mortgage Investment

The practice and business of investing in mortgages secured by deeded and titled real estate. ASCEND MIC underwrites and issues uniquely designed mortgage investment products.

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About Ascend Mic

ASCEND MIC is a duly-licensed mortgage investment corporation (MIC) servicing borrowers, investors and brokers in the mortgage industry.

As an alternative lender, ASCEND MIC specializes in offering various mortgage solutions to meet your needs. From residential and commercial mortgages, to construction finance — and everything in between, we offer equity-based lending, quick approvals and fast closings. Loan amounts range from $20,000 to $1 million. Talk to us today for a mortgage solution that’s right for you.

All lending transactions are through mortgage brokers and agents only.

About us

Quick Approvals and Fast Closings

Equity-based lending

  • First mortgage rates starting from 5.99%
  • Second mortgage rates starting from 8.99%
  • Private funds available for residential mortgages.

We represent a number of private and institutional mortgage investors specializing in closing non‐conventional deals efficiently and professionally.

What is a MIC

What can we do

As a mortgage investment corporation (MIC), ASCEND MIC offers borrowers lower interest rates on a broad range of mortgage products while delivering high rates of returns to our investors.

Our business model involves lending money to mortgage borrowers (mortgage lending), structuring the resulting interest payments into attractive securities to investors (mortgage securitization), handling all the administration for investors and/or third parties in need of such services (mortgage administration), in order to deliver what has historically been high rates of return with relatively low levels of risk for MIC investors (mortgage investment).

We are licensed mortgage experts, and will work you to find the financial solution specifically designed for your needs. It’s just another part of the ASCEND MIC difference.

We heavily emphasize four core values throughout our business and investment operations:Mortgages meeting and agreement

- Preservation of capital
- Remarkable risk and inflation-adjusted returns
- Optimum portfolio diversification
- Transparent corporate governance
- The result includes desirable returns for investors and ready capital for borrowers.

We look forward to working with you to meet your specific financial goals. Contact us today to learn more.


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