Debt Consolidation

There are plenty of reasons why your current debt situation might be unmanageable. Maybe you’re in arrears on your current mortgage payments, or even your taxes. You might have recently lost a job, or incurred unexpected financial obligations that are now becoming burdensome.

Home equity line of creditFrankly, you’re not alone. Countless people experience the exact same predicament you’re in right now — and that’s where an alternative but safe mortgage lender such as ASCEND MIC can offer the financial solutions you’re looking for.

One simple solution

Specifically, we offer you the kind of debt consolidation services that address the various financial stresses you’re currently experiencing. Instead of having to worry about a number of current debt obligations, at ASCEND MIC, we can offer you one simple but effective debt consolidation loan that simplifies the process, makes it more manageable, and allows you to work with experts that know what you’re dealing with. It’s just another part of the ASCEND MIC difference!

One of the best debt-consolidation solutions that we offer here at ASCEND MIC is the home-equity line of credit. In other words, you get to use the value of your home to not only address your current financial worries, but you now have only one debt obligation to worry about, at very competitive rates, dealing with mortgage experts that know what they’re doing. What could be better?

Many benefits

Happy Vietnamese family of three at the meeting with real estate broker

Among the many advantages of dealing with a mortgage investment corporation (MIC) such as ASCEND MIC is that we offer some of the same stability and predictability of traditional banks and lenders, since we’re governed by Canadian and provincial mortgage regulations (and we’re licensed!), but we’re are not nearly as averse to providing clients like you with alternative financial solutions to meet your needs.

With any financial solution we offer to borrowers in need, such as a home line of credit that offers much-needed debt consolidation, our rates are competitive, are terms are quick and reasonable, and our service is customer-oriented and offered with understanding and efficiency.

Talk to us today to find out how you can benefit from a debt consolidation solution, such as a home-equity line of credit, that will alleviate your financial woes and make life simpler — right now. We look forward to talking with you.