Residential First Mortgages — Buying a Home

Residential first mortgage purchaseAt ASCEND MIC, we offer a wide range of mortgage financing solutions that meet the needs of clients — just like you. From residential and commercial mortgages, to first, second and even third mortgages — we offer unique financing when you need, for the many reasons you might need it.

This is certainly the case for residential first mortgages, especially when you’re buying your home. Whether it’s the first home you’re purchasing, or the last, our equity-based approach to mortgage lending means we’ll focus on the underlying value of the property you’re buying to deliver mortgage rates, terms and conditions that are quick, flexible, competitive and favourable — each and every time. It’s just another part of the ASCEND MIC difference!

Safe, alternative first mortgages

What sets ASCEND MIC apart from other mortgage lenders is that, on the one hand, unlike the banks and traditional lenders, we offer alternative forms of financing that actually work for you. On the other hand, as a mortgage investment corporation (MIC) we’re governed by Canada’s national and provincial regulatory requirement, which means that you’re getting safe financing specifically tailored to your needs — always.

The reason we’re in a position to offer such unique alternative financing at rates and terms favourable to you is because we’re experts in mortgages, which includes evaluating property. So, when clients like you are in need of financing to buy that residential property — whether it’s new or used, or your first, second, or last purchase — we know exactly how to evaluate the property, then turnaround and provide you with solutions that work. It’s what sets us apart from other mortgage financing options.

First mortgage residential approvalIt’s quick, affordable and hassle-free

At ASCEND MIC, we offer very competitive interests rates, terms that suit your needs, and turnaround times that are quick and efficient. Most importantly, we’re flexible, which means we can offer you residential first mortgages for home purchases right now — if you call us today.

So, talk to us, or apply directly, to find out how a residential first mortgage is the home-buying financing option that best meets your needs for today, tomorrow and the foreseeable future. We look forward to hearing from you.