Land-Purchase Mortgages

Offering unique mortgage financing solutions that the traditional banks and lenders generally don’t offer is what we do best here at ASCEND MIC. We’re experts at providing mortgage borrowers with uniquely-designed products that work for you — every time.

Lending with vision

Mortgage, raw land purchaseOur mortgage-lending policies are not overly restrictive because we’re experts at evaluating collateral property and at working with clients to ensure a mutually-beneficial relationship. We provide needed financing to deserving clients, while borrowers get the funds they need to meet life’s various challenges. As with all aspects of doing business with ASCEND MIC, it’s a win-win situation for all.

The challenge with purchasing and owning land — that has yet to have a structure such as a house or building constructed on it — is that it’s generally considered a riskier asset than property with a structure already built. Such so-called “raw land” is worth less than developed property. It’s also harder to sell.

Opportunities await

As a result, with land-purchase mortgages, banks and other traditional lenders see risk because, in general, the underlying collateral asset is less marketable. However, where other lenders see risk, we see opportunity. At ASCEND MIC, we provide mortgage financing solutions to meet all your needs, including the purchasing of raw land that has yet to be developed. It’s just another part of the ASCEND MIC difference.

As with most aspects of mortgage lending, there are processes, regulations and other factors specific to the purchasing of raw land. There are zoning requirements, unique appraisal considerations, title regulations, and more, that all come into play when buying land without built structures. At ASCEND MIC, we’re experts at dealing with all these issues for you so that the process is as simple and predictable as possible.

Work with us to find the land-purchase mortgage solution suited for your specific needs. Contact us today.