Mortgage Securitization

The business of fundraising for finance in which ASCEND MIC formulates and conducts its various fundraising efforts to deliver remarkable risk-adjusted returns to its investors.

Fundraising mortgage investors

Securitization essentially involves two components.

First, there is the process of collecting various yield-returning investments into one pool. At ASCEND MIC, we’re experts at pooling together unique mortgage solutions that offer relatively high interest rates for the benefit of investors.

Second, this pool of investments is used as the basis for securities that investors can buy, just as they would other securities such as stocks and bonds, or other pools of securities such as mutual funds.

We spare no effort

Extensive fundraising is involved in getting the capital needed to invest in this pool of mortgages. At ASCEND MIC, we possess an expertise in various fundraising vehicles to ensure a mortgage portfolio that will deliver returns over the short and long term.

Prospective investors get crucial informationASCEND MIC designs, puts together, and manages various securitized mortgage funds. Once fully funded, the raised funds will be utilized to invest in a well-calibrated portfolio of collateralized mortgage accounts. We constantly work to ensure the right blend of mortgage assets within our mortgage portfolio.

The four principles we adhere to in assembling our mortgage portfolio are:

  • Preservation of capital
  • Remarkable risk and inflation-adjusted returns
  • Optimum portfolio diversification
  • Transparent corporate governance

A good product attracts good investors

Over the short and long term, our goal is to provide high yields with relatively low risk and peace of mind. As a result we can engage prospective investors with an attractive and historically-proven investment option that delivers results.

In addition, fundraising initiatives are frequently undertaken and introduced via registered investment dealers and exempt market dealers. At ASCEND MIC, we spare no effort to secure the financing needed in order to assemble a stable, diversified and yield-returning mortgage portfolio. It’s just another part of the ASCEND MIC difference.

ASCEND MIC mortgage securitization platforms: