Home Equity Line of Credit

At ASCEND MIC, we’re in the business of providing unique, safe but alternative forms of financing that you can’t get from the banks and traditional lenders but that you can get from experienced, knowledgeable and licensed mortgage lenders — such as ASCEND MIC.Experienced mortgage lenders

On the one hand, at ASCEND MIC, we do offer alternatives that provide you, the mortgage borrower, with options and flexibility that you can’t find elsewhere. On the other hand, we’re experience, licensed and safe. In other words, we use our years of experience, as well as national and provincial regulatory requirements, to offer you financing solutions — on your terms — without hassle, worry or doubt.

Using our experience to work for you

The reason why ASCEND MIC is in a position to offer you unique financing solutions on terms that are favourable to you is because we use our years of experience in the mortgage business to focus on the value of your property, instead of the rules-based red tape offered by the big banks and traditional lenders.

It’s this leading edge approach that has allowed ASCEND MIC to offer countless mortgage financing solutions — to people just like you — that are fair, competitive and suitable to your needs — each and every time. It’s just another part of the ASCEND MIC difference.

This unique but safe approach is exemplified by our offering of a home-equity line of credit, which is just another example of the custom-financing solutions we offer here at ASCEND MIC.

The value of a home-equity line of credit

Alternative mortgage financing solutionsA home-equity line of credit is pretty much what it sounds like. It’s much like any line of credit you would receive from a financial institution. Except, with a home-equity credit line, you use the underlying value of your property to secure long-term financing options you would otherwise not have access to.

Therefore, with a home-equity line of credit offered by ASCEND MIC, once approved, you can access this source of financing when you need it, for the reasons you need it — whether it’s a home renovation, funding education for the kids, or some unforeseen financial emergency.

Whatever your financial needs are, a home-equity line of credit might be exactly the financing solution that meets your needs — today, tomorrow, and for the unforeseen future.

Talk to us to find out how a home-equity line of credit is the right mortgage financing solution for you — today.