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mortgage industry information

At ASCEND MIC, one of our primary objectives is to provide education and knowledge aboupt the mortgage industry, especially as it relates to the independent mortgage sector. There is an entire world that exists beyond the banks and traditional lenders. We’re regulated, licensed and abide by all generally-accepted financial standards. So, please follow the links we’ve posted below to keep you better informed about the fascinating world of mortgages. We’ll be also be adding to this list in the future, so feel free to keep dropping by on occasion. Thank you.

Mortgage Associations

Independent Mortgage Brokers Association of Ontario

Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals

Exempt Market Associations

Private Capital Markets Association of Canada

National Exempt Market Association

National and Provincial Agencies

Ontario Securities Commission

Financial Services Commission of Ontario

Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation


Have any suggestions for mortgage resources? Please tell us about it.