Mortgage Lending

The practice of asset-based lending with clear policies and efficient turnarounds. ASCEND MIC works closely with brokers and underwrites uniquely-designed mortgage products.

ASCEND MIC is a mortgage lender. We take funds raised from investors and make loans to mortgage borrowers, in return for interest payments backed by property collateral.

The ASCEND MIC differencePaperwork at home

We are not a bank. We are a private mortgage lender. This means that we make many of the same types of mortgage loans that banks make. In Canada, mortgages of all types, whether from banks or the private market, have historically been safe and regulated.

However, where we tend to differ from the banks is that we’re generally less strict in our loaning policies. Whereas, with banks, getting a mortgage can be very difficult, with ASCEND MIC, we evaluate the property as collateral and, as a result, we are eager to come to terms with borrowers in need.

How we do it

We issue and underwrite ourselves all the mortgages in our pool of investments, using our trusted network of mortgage brokers to find the right fit between mortgage lender — us — and mortgage borrower — you. We work tirelessly to establish good relationships with borrowers in need of an available source of financing.

At ASCEND MIC, we work with you to find a unique solution to your financing needs. We encourage you to speak with us directly, your mortgage brokers, or investment adviser, to arrange a mortgage loan with terms that are mutually beneficial.

Here is a list of the mortgage lending products we offer you:real-estate-closing-process

ASCEND MIC: The mortgage loan solution uniquely suited for you. Call us today.