Investing with ASCEND MIC

There are various opportunities for investors of ASCEND MIC. On the one hand, investors can choose to invest directly in us by becoming a bondholder, shareholder, or other security holder in ASCEND MIC. On the other hand, there are other opportunities to invest with us by having your money go further than it would with other financial institutions.

Take advantage of our expertise

ASCEND MIC investment opportunitiesPart of the ASCEND MIC difference is that we adapt to the needs of the market, and we do so by using our track record and expertise in the mortgages market to make your money go further. While other more traditional lenders tend to be restrictive and inflexible, at ASCEND MIC, we spare no effort to provide investing opportunities for you.

As an example, we offer various ways to make the most of your financial needs by having you invest with ASCEND MIC. In other words, we make your money work for you by providing short-term, mid-term and long-term investment and deposit services that provide the kind of returns and safety you’re looking for — each and every time.

Various opportunities

Such investment opportunities with ASCEND MIC include deposit services, certificates of deposit (CODs), mortgage portfolio securitization, inter-institutional credit facilities and loans, investment-fund subscriptions, in addition to the issuance of exempt and registered securities (common shares, preferred shares and bonds of various terms).

At ASCEND MIC, we provide the financial solution that’s suited for your specific needs.

Talk to us today to find out more about investing with us to secure your various financial goals. We look forward to hearing from you.