Land-Development Mortgages

The concept of a mortgage is relatively simple. A mortgage lender, such as ASCEND MIC, issues a loan to a mortgage borrower who, in return, makes interest payments backed by the collateral of the underlying property. It’s a type of financing structure that has led to countless people owning their first homes, building their dream businesses or completing just about any project that involves some type of property.

Unique mortgage solutionsMortgage, developing land

That’s part of the ingenuity of any mortgage loan: the property in question serves as security/collateral for the arranged financing. Arranging these types of mortgage loans is what we’ve become expert at here at ASCEND MIC, and it’s what we want to do for you on a wide range of mortgage products, including land-development mortgages.

Expertise in mortgage lending comes from utilizing the traits that make the collateral property unique and marketable. It’s why we provide a wide array of mortgage products that utilize different types of property: residential first, second and third mortgages, commercial first and second mortgages, bridge mortgages, construction mortgages, land purchase mortgages and more.

A world of opportunity

Regarding land-development mortgages, ASCEND MIC arranges financing around a land purchase made with the intent to develop the property for further use. Such land purchases can be made for the purpose of building residential subdivisions, multi-family unit apartment buildings, condominiums and townhomes, hotels and other hospitality facilities, shopping complexes, industrial sites, etc.

An important component of any financing involving land development is the borrower’s plan to prepare the land for further development, and therefore present any growth in future value. That’s where ASCEND MIC comes in. We’re experts at assessing and appraising the value of any land-development purchase in order to come up with the land-development mortgage that specifically suits your needs. It’s just another part of the ASCEND MIC difference.

At ASCEND MIC, we’re also experts at knowing the procedures, rules, regulations, zoning laws, etc., that apply to your specific development project, so that the process from conception to completion is as seamless as possible. We utilize our expertise in various areas of mortgage financing, including mortgage administration, to deliver valuable services to our respected clients on a timely basis — all the time.

Talk with us today about how we can help arrange land-development mortgage financing to get your project off and running to completion.