Investing in ASCEND MIC

ASCEND MIC provides a wide range of opportunities for investors seeking the benefits of working with a mortgage investment corporation. Some of those opportunities involve investing with ASCEND MIC, which includes deposit services and deposit certificates, mortgage investment funds, and more. While other opportunities of working with ASCEND MIC involve investing in us.

Specifically, ASCEND MIC is structured as a mortgage investment corporation (MIC). This provides investors with the opportunity to reap the rewards associated with investing in pools of mortgages without getting bogged down in all the administration and paperwork. We do that all for you.

mortgage investment corporation diagram

Our attractive structure

Instead, investors can become bondholders or shareholders in ASCEND MIC, much as an investor could do the same with any corporation. However, a MIC is a specific entity created by federal government statute, which means that rules are in place governing the standards and practices under which MICs are to operate.

As a result, our offerings of investments in ASCEND MIC are accompanied by legal documents we provide to investors, such as an offering memorandum with subscription agreement, as well as required forms stipulated by various provincial jurisdictions. We also provide term sheets summarizing the important components of all our securities offerings.

We issue ASCEND MIC bonds, shares and securities on a private-placement basis, which means that, on the one hand, we’re still regulated by federal mortgage laws and provincial securities legislation but, on the other hand, are not required to meet the prospectus provisions of any jurisdiction.

A formula that works

We don’t offer ASCEND MIC securities on a stock exchange. Instead, we engage prospective investors directly, using various fundraising techniques, to optimize the amount of capital we have to invest while delivering high rates of returns to investors. It’s just another part of the ASCEND MIC difference.

In the end, this type of investment structure results in a less restrictive approach to mortgage lending and investing, while at the same time offering safeguards and protections to all our clients. We work with you to provide all the information and transparency you need, while tending to the complex details ourselves. It’s a formula that has traditionally worked for mortgage investment corporations, and continues to do so.

Call us today to find out more about how investing in ASCEND MIC can help you reach a high level of financial performance.