Refinancing Your Mortgage

A primary reason to obtain the services of a mortgage lender like ASCEND MIC is that we’re in the business of providing unique financing solutions that meet your needs. Whether it’s debt consolidation, second mortgages, or any of our other unique lending options, we’re experts at providing borrowing solutions tailored specifically to valued clients — just like yourself.

This is especially true when it comes to borrowing solutions such as refinancing your mortgage. There used to be a time when most people would never think of trying to get better terms on their current mortgage.

ASCEND MIC mortgage financingWhy ASCEND MIC?

However, because of the competitive landscape of Canada’s current mortgage industry, as well as regulations the Canadian government has established to encourage mortgage financing, institutions such as ASCEND MIC exist to offer alternative but safe financing solutions. It’s just another part of the ASCEND MIC difference.

What exactly is mortgage refinancing? It’s actually quite simple. It’s when you get a mortgage to pay off your current mortgage. However, the only reason anyone would do so is to get more favourable terms, whether it’s lower interest rates, a more desired length of mortgage, or other more desired mortgage condition. However, refinancing only works if you’re dealing with the right financing institution.

That’s where a mortgage lender such as ASCEND MIC comes in. As an alternative but safe mortgage lender, we’re in the business of finding unique mortgage solutions that work for us, and that work for you, too.

The ASCEND MIC difference!

Safe alternative mortgage financingWe use our extensive experience in the mortgages industry to offer more competitive rates, terms and conditions, while properly assessing your property for the value it truly has. That’s what equity-based lending is all about, versus the overly-cautious and rules-oriented approach that banks and traditional lenders take.

At ASCEND MIC, we work closely with our clients to properly assess the value of your property, so that we can provide for you the best financing possible — on your terms.

That’s why we’re in the business of providing unique but workable financing options, such as mortgage financing, that give you the financial flexibility that you’re looking for with a knowledgeable and experience lender — ASCEND MIC.

Talk to us about a mortgage refinancing solution that works for you — today. We look forward to hearing from you!