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Always protecting your interests

One of the challenges in today’s mortgage industry is a lack of awareness surrounding the alternatives available to mortgage borrowers, as well as other interests in the field of mortgages. In fact, ASCEND MIC is what’s known as an alternative mortgage corporation, but that doesn’t mean we operate in a regulatory vacuum.

Instead, as an alternative mortgage institution, there are various regulatory requirements we must abide by. For example, we are licensed by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO license # 12539), which is a provincial regulatory body established by the ministry of finance in order to protect the interests of the public, including mortgage borrowers, investors, etc.

We also only work with mortgage brokers and agents that are licensed, too.

At ASCEND MIC, we must abide by practices that serve the interests of the public — always.

A full range of regulatory, industry and ethical guidelines

licensed mortgage corporation

In addition, as a mortgage investment corporation (MIC), ASCEND MIC is also guided by specific federal and provincial regulations related to MICs, and we’re structured in such a way that facilitates various aspects of mortgages, including lending, administration, securitization and investment. These are our four pillars, and they serve as a solid foundation for ASCEND MIC to conduct itself in the mortgage sector with integrity, efficiency and service — always.

If that’s not enough, ASCEND MIC is also bound by various other financial guidelines, including the Ontario Securities Commission, other securities regulators, as well as federally and internationally accepted accounting and reporting standards.

In other words, ASCEND MIC is licensed, regulated, and bound by various ethical and industry standards meant to protect you.

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