Rural-Area Mortgages

At ASCEND MIC, we’re a different kind of mortgage lender. That’s because, where other lenders see risk, we see opportunity. Where other lenders seek safety, we see restrictive mortgage practices that don’t maximize the financing opportunities available in today’s dynamic market.

The Rural-Area mortgages we provide are just another example of this approach we take towards lending and financing. The safest approach for any mortgage lender to take, whether they’re a traditional bank, a mortgage investment corporation, or other alternative sources of financing, is to offer mortgages for residential properties in urban or suburban communities.

The ASCEND MIC differenceMortgage, rural land and property

That’s not to say that these traditionally safe sources of mortgage financing don’t provide value to both mortgage lender and mortgage borrower. As an example of ASCEND MIC’s dynamic approach to mortgage loans, we not only offer residential first mortgages, but we also provide financing for residential second and third mortgages, as well as a wide range of other residential, commercial, land and other mortgage products It’s just another part of the ASCEND MIC difference.

With respect to rural-area mortgages, we follow the same approach of maximizing the value of the underlying property so that we benefit from the security it provides with the loans we offer while you benefit from the ready source of financing from us. As with so many aspects of doing business with ASCEND MIC, it really is a win-win situation for all.

We welcome borrowers for rural-area mortgages because, unlike many other lenders, we don’t just see the risk. We also see the opportunity. There are various fiscal challenges involved with rural-area property purchases.

We see opportunities

On relative terms, the amount of money needed to put down on rural land purchases is less than that for urban property. Additionally, the isolated locations of rural land means its uses are more limited, as are the opportunities to sell it at some point in the future. All these factors pose risks for mortgage lenders.

Yet, at ASCEND MIC, our expertise in mortgage processes, land development, appraisal requirements, regulatory assessments — you name it — allows us to property manage any risks involved so that our valued clients receiving the financing they need to meet their specific needs — each and every time.

In addition, rural properties don’t necessarily have to be farms, either. And, with each type of rural property involved, specific regulatory requirements are attached, too. That’s where our expertise comes in. Whether it’s a farm, hobby farm, rural residence, or various other types of rural land, at ASCENC MIC, we work with you to maximize the financing options available.

Speak with us today about rural-area mortgage financing available for your specific needs.