Why work with a mortgage investment corporation (MIC)?

Good for the broker, good for the client

There are many reasons why second mortgages are an attractive financing option for mortgage brokers/agents and their clients. They serve as an alternative form of mortgage borrowing; one that is very difficult to secure with traditional banks or more conservative lenders.

That’s where ASCEND MIC comes in.

As a mortgage investment corporation (MIC), ASCEND MIC isn’t just any kind of alternative mortgage lender. Instead, we offer a number of other qualities brokers have a hard time finding somewhere else, including:

  • Mortgage investment corporation (MIC) brokersThe stability and predictability that come with being a licensed mortgage lender incorporated under Canadian federal statutes that govern the operation of mortgage investment corporations.
  • The flexibility and resourcefulness that come with managing and operating a mortgage investment corporation.

In other words, ASCEND MIC not only has the experience and knowledge of people that have served for years in Canada’s mortgage sector, we have the tools and resources available at our disposal to secure for you the unique, alternative, but stable financing solutions needed for your trusted clients. It’s just another part of the ASCEND MIC difference.

Whether it’s a residential second mortgage solution that you’re seeking for your client, or a commercial second mortgage, at ASCEND MIC, we always work to secure for our trusted pool of mortgage brokers and agents the financing deal that is right — every time.

Because we’re a mortgage investment corporation, we simply have more tools at our disposal that you will not find with other sources of alternative financing.


  • Arrange mortgage deals that are simple or complex.
  • Have access to a pool of private investors.
  • Set up flexible and/or consistent mortgage schedules that meet the needs of your clients.

As a result, we can come up with the unique second-mortgage solution, whether it’s commercial or residential financing you’re looking for, that you simply cannot find elsewhere.

Second mortgage broker solutionsA track record of working with mortgage brokers/agents

As always, ASCEND MIC offers favourable terms and conditions, quick approvals and turnaround times, exceptional customer service, as well as a track record of success working with our trusted pool of mortgage brokers and agents.

After all, we never deal directly with the mortgage borrower, so we know how important it is to work with you, the mortgage broker, to deliver unique mortgage products to your trusted clients — each and every time.

As a mortgage broker/agent, talk to us today, or apply with us directly, to see how we can start meeting the needs of your clients right now. We look forward to hearing from you.