Mortgage Brokers

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At ASCEND MIC, we work closely with mortgage brokers to deliver a wide range of mortgage products designed for your clients’ needs. From residential first, second and third mortgages, to commercial first and second mortgages and everything in between — we work hard to offer mortgage borrowers the type of financing that meets their specific needs and situations.

Delivering solutions

Mortgage brokers ASCEND MICWe underwrite all our own mortgages, and utilize our expertise in numerous areas of mortgage specialization, including mortgage administration, to deliver unique mortgage solutions that serve today’s consumer, real-estate and financial markets.

It’s our desire to work in tandem with mortgage brokers to deliver targeted services to mortgage borrowers over both the long-term and short-term. As indicated by our wide range of product offerings, we’re not adverse to providing unique mortgage financing solutions, while still being able to provide the kind of stable and predictable financing that Canadian mortgage borrowers have come to expect from today’s markets.

What we offer

As part of our successful approach towards mortgage brokers, at ASCEND MIC, we provide exceptional service to mortgage brokers by quickly assessing your submission, providing a fast quote, offering good pricing, working with you to manage borrower relations and expectations, providing solutions and not barriers, while always maintaining a relationship of trust, professionalism and reliability. It’s just another part of the ASCEND MIC difference.

Successful partnerships

We’ll work with you to provide your clients the kind of value they can’t get from other types of lenders.

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