Second mortgages that serve you and your clients

As a mortgage broker/agent, what are you looking for in a lender?

You’re probably looking for:

  • Terms and conditions that are favourable to your clients.

Although we believe all our mortgage products here at ASCEND MIC are very competitive, with respect to second mortgages in particular, we believe our terms are leading-edge.

Here is an example of what we offer:

Mortgage Type Usage Property Type Max LTV Applicable Interest % Lender Fee % Province Minimum-
Second Owner-Occupied Detached, Semi s & Towns 85% 8.99-19.99% 2-5% ON $20,000.00-$150,000.00 6 Mns,
1 Yr &
2 Yrs

Here are the very favourable conditions that come with our mortgage products, including second mortgages:

  • Second mortgage for brokersEquity-based lending up to 85%.
  • Home Trust list of approved appraisers.
  • Minimum 500 Beacon score.
  • No TDS/GDS requirement.
  • No income requirement.
  • Non-resident programs.
  • Interest only.
  • Approvals within 24 hours.
  • Quick funding within 7 days of approval.
  • Residential and commercial mortgages.
  • Courteous, friendly, flexible and always willing to help.
  • Submit via email (application, credit bureau and appraisal) or via Filogix Expert (ASCEND MIC).

Second mortgages are available for both residential and commercial properties.

As a mortgage broker, you’re also looking for:

  • Terms and conditions that are favourable to you, the mortgage broker.

All of our mortgage loans are made through brokers and/or agents, so we certainly know the value of dealing with the brokerage community at large.

We have a trusted pool of brokers and agents, which we’re always looking to expand, in order to target both residential and commercial borrowers with attractive products on favourable terms.

  • Mortgage products you can sell to your clients.

That’s where second mortgages come into play. As an established, licensed and credible mortgage lender, we’re willing to take the kind of risks that traditional lenders aren’t, while at the same time offering borrowers a viable source of financing. It’s just another part of the ASCEND MIC difference.

  • A mortgage portal that serves your needs.

Second mortgage customer satisfactionAt ASCEND MIC, we know that you, as a mortgage broker,  shop around for the best mortgage lenders to serve your clients. So, what you need from us is a one-stop-shop, so to speak, where you can get all your questions answered and services done.

To that end, we’re always available to speak with you directly, or you can apply with us right now to move this process forward.

We offer quick approvals and turnarounds so that you don’t have to wait, which means your clients have to wait, too.

  • An mortgage institution with experience.

The mortgage professionals at ASCEND MIC have been in the industry for many years, so we not only have the knowledge and expertise to offer the best products, but our staff is trained and ready to meet your needs, as well as those of your client. Aren’t these the kinds of things you’re looking for in a trusted and leading-edge mortgage lender?

The ASCEND MIC difference!

With a second mortgage at ASCEND MIC, we provide the kind of alternative but stable financing your clients are in need of. The terms are favourable, the services are quick and reliable, and the return on investment and time always profitable — for everyone involved.

Talk to us today, or apply directly, to develop a lender/broker/agent relationship that will be profitable, rewarding and mutually beneficial — always. We look forward to hearing from you.