ASCEND MIC Investors

The ASCEND MIC Investor Advantage

Higher returns, lower risks for your portfolio

What exactly is the benefit of ASCEND MIC to investors? The simple answer is that a MIC offers investors traditionally high rates of return at relatively low levels of risk. And that’s certainly the case at ASCEND MIC.

Where does this high return/low risk formula come from? Again, it’s simple: Canada’s mortgage industry is one of the safest in the world. For one thing, Canadian markets tend to be more stable than others. For another thing, mortgages are a safer investment because they are backed by the assets in question: the properties that are being mortgaged.

So, if a mortgage defaults, there are still assets left that sustain an underlying value in the investment. It’s a feature of a MIC that simply is not present with other forms of investment, such as bonds and GICs, especially with the kind of return and safety involved.

The power of investing in mortgages

Think about what a mortgage actually is. Most people see it as a way to borrow in order to buy a house or a building. However, when the borrower takes the money to buy the property, somebody is giving them the money.

Traditionally, it’s been banks. But, with a MIC, these mortgages are pooled in such a way so that you don’t have to worry about the administration, processing, regulatory adherence, default, etc. You, the investor, is providing the investment capital, while we take care of that management so that you receive your rate of returns in a predictable and consistent fashion.

As a result, investing in ASCEND MIC offers a superb alternative to traditional equity and fixed-income investments, such as bonds and GICs.

And here is the information associated with our fund, including financial terms:

  • Minimum investment: $25,000 for accredited investors and $150,000 for non-accredited investors.
  • Target yield: 10.00% (Typical Class) per annum paid monthly.
  • Redemption terms: 5-years hold, annual liquidity thereafter.
  • Manager:  ASCEND MIC

In addition, a primary reason why alternative mortgage lenders have prospered in recent years is because of the restrictive lending practices of banks and traditional lenders. At ASCEND MIC, we provide mortgages to thoroughly vetted borrowers that can’t go elsewhere. This demand and stable source of mortgage income is why ASCEND MIC can offer favourable rates of return over the long term.

Yet more reasons to invest in ASCEND MIC:

  • A maximum loan-to-value ratio of 80%, which provides for a low-risk investment.
  • Our pool of mortgages is acquired via licensed mortgage brokers, thus ensuring thorough adherence to applicable regulations and best business practices.
  • Access to mortgages as an investment that would not otherwise be available.
  • Full title insurance.
  • Managed and monitored by some of the best mortgage and investment professionals in the business at ASCEND MIC.

You can get the process started right away.

So, if you’re ready for to invest in a high-return, lower risk fund at ASCEND MIC that takes a lot of the worry out of investing, then talk to us today. We look forward to it.