Frequently Asked Questions


What is a MIC?

A MIC (pronounced mick) is a mortgage investment corporation. It’s an entity resulting from provisions in Canadian law enacted decades ago to increase investing in Canada’s mortgage sector. You can find out more here.

Why MICs?

For investors, MICs are a relatively safe form of investing with lower risk in part because mortgages are backed by the value of the underlying asset/property. For borrowers, MICs are an alternative form of mortgage borrowing that offers more favourable terms than traditional banks and mortgage lenders.

Are MICs safe and legal?

Yes. MICs have been established under provisions of Canadian law meant to increase investing in the mortgages sector. The sector is regulated, both from an investor and borrower standpoint. And Canada’s mortgages sector in general is better regulated and safer than in other regions in the world.


We offer years of experience in the mortgages industry to provide investors a good return on their investment (about 10% thus far), and we offer borrowers more favourable terms than with traditional banks and lenders. It’s a win-win for all.


Why invest in ASCEND MIC?

Our returns have reached 10% thus far in our history as a MIC, we have an abundance of experience securing and managing mortgages for a return, and MICs in general and historically offer higher returns than other fixed-income alternatives with lower risk, in part because mortgages are backed by the security of the underlying asset of property.

How to invest in ASCEND MIC?

Talk to your financial advisor, or visit our informational page on how you can get started on adding us to your investment portfolio today.


What is the structure of an ASCEND MIC investment?

Find out about the ASCEND MIC Fund here.

How to get your client started with ASCEND MIC?

Find out about the process here.


Why should I seek a mortgage with ASCEND MIC?

It’s simple. We actually want your business. We’re not as restrictive as the traditional banks, and we offer terms and conditions that are favourable. However, we only work through licensed brokers, so please talk to one today to get started with a mortgage from ASCEND MIC.

What if I want to a change in my current ASCEND MIC mortgage?

We’re very flexible. Find out more about how we accommodate our borrower clients.



Our terms are favourable to your clients?

How do I start the process?

Visit our brokers page and, at the bottom, you’ll find some important documents, including a brokers package. We look forward to working with you.

Want to learn more? There’s plenty more info here on this website, or contact us directly. We’re happy to hear from you. — ASCEND MIC